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About Rishikesh, India

Just 24 kms from Haridwar, the divine city of Rishikesh is located in the laps of Himalayas. This beautiful city is encircled by the picturesque hills on all three sides. The setting becomes even more charming with Sacred Ganga flowing through the valley. The divine land offers a perfect meditation center where pilgrims from all over the world come to attain salvation. The city of Rishikesh houses many new and ancient temples along the Holy river Ganga.

Rishikesh is an important pilgrimage centre closely related to the Ramayana, and many Hindu shrams, and Yoga institutes. Rishikesh is the commencing point for many journeys to Chardham including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

Apart from religious significance, Rishikesh is also a beloved destination for sportsmen. You can enjoy white water rafting and many other sports, trekking, rock climbing, Bungy Jumping and hiking in the Himalayas. Tourists from across the world haunt Rishikesh to enjoy various trekking expeditions and excursions. Every year thousands of tourists visit Rishikesh during the International Yoga week, which is held at Rishikesh from 2nd-7th Feb on the banks of the Ganga river.


How to reach Rishikesh

Train:  Rishikesh is connected by rail via Haridwar (24 kms), to Howrah , Bombay , Delhi , Lucknow , Varanasi , Dehradun and other cities.

Road: By road Rishikesh to Haridwar 24 kms, Dehradun 47 kms, Mussoorie 77 kms, Badrinath 301 kms (Son Prayag), Kedarnath 228 kms, Gangotri 258 kms, Yamunotri 288 kms (Hanuman Chatti), Srinagar 105 kms, Joshimath 252 kms.

Bus Services: Rishikesh is connected by bus with Agra , Chandigarh , New Delhi , Jaipur, Pushkar, Dehradun, Haridwar, etc


Tourist and Shopping Information

Laxman Jhula
This is the old suspension bridge over river The Ganga ( Ganges ) located at the far end of Rishikesh town. This Lakshman Jhoola ( bridge ) attracts more crowd than Ram Jhula which is another new bridge close to Rishikesh town. Approach to Laxman Jhula passes through many shops and restaurants selling trekking bags to T-shirts and rudrakha , spotik malas ( garlands of precious stones ). Ask your driver to take you close to the bridge as the road passes through some climbing and descending steps. At other side of Lakshman Jhoola there is Gita Bhavan, temples and many ashrams. You can take a boat ride and return to main road side of the bridge. Walk over the bridge and if you want you can go for a long walk at the other side.

Ram Jhoola
This suspension bridge is wider than Laxman Jhula. At the other side of this bridge there is nice restaurants.Cross the bridge and you can return by boat to main bank of river Ganga

Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan
One of the attractions at Rishikesh is the Ganga Aarti along with evening prayer by the side of river Ganga. This is performed at Parmarth Niketan ghat near Ram Jhola. From road side cross the river by Ram Jhoola ( bridge ) and move towards your right side along the river bank for about 0.5 KM ( go in the direction of flow of water). Remove your shoes at the free shoe stand and take your seat at one of the steps. Before the Aarti some devotional songs like Hanuman Chalisa and some others were song by some devotees of the Parmarth group. After the devotional songs the Aarti is performed and after this also the singing program continues for some more time. The song with music charge the atmosphere with spiritual feelings.

Wall paintings and other paintings, which once added glory to the 'havelis' form an integral part of shops of Rishikesh.

Wooden Furniture
Apart from the wall paintings, the wooden furniture is a popular item sold in the bazaars of Rishikesh. Tourists can select from a wide range of carved furniture made of wood that include chairs, tables, cradles, stools, chests from the shops of Rishikesh. Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Kashmir and Tibet are one of the most saleable items of Rishikesh.

Religious Items
For those looking to buy some religious items, the area of Swarg Ashram will be a perfect choice. This area involves in the trading of tapes, beads of Rudraksha, books and clothes of religious importance.

Ayurvedic Medicines
Ayurvedic medicines are sold in “Hitkari Aushadh Bhawan” oldest and biggest shop of Ayurveda in town.

Imitation Jewellery
Junk jewellery forms an important part of shopping in Rishikesh. The shops dotting Lakshman Jhula Bridge are not only famous for selling religious accessories but also famous for selling ornaments, jewelry at a very reasonable rate.

Semi-precious gems and astrological gems are found in abundance in the shopping centers of Rishikesh. The Jaipur center for gems is one of the best shops for buying gems and stones.

Clothes are sold in plenty in Rishkesh markets. While khadis and Nehru shirts are sold like hot cakes in this region, other apparels like Yoga outfits, t-shirts having images Buddha are also bought in abundance. For buying some really good as well as affordable Khadi items, the best place to look out is the handloom emporium that is owned by the state Government. Some other Government approved shops like Craft Shop; Garhwal Wool remain crowded with buyers throughout the year. For buying quality woolen clothes at affordable prices, the best bet are the emporiums that have dotted Rishikesh.

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